All Outlook folders are collectively stored in a single file, PST. When you send any email message, it is first temporarily moved to Outbox folder before the message is actually sent. After the sending process completes, it is then stored in Sent Items folder. But sometimes, due to issues like PST file corruption, the message sending process doesn't accomplish successfully. Such PST file needs to be restored from the recent data backup or scanned by using PST Recovery

As an instance, you might observe that email message sending process doesn't complete. When you send an email message, it gets stuck in Outbox folder and never moved to Sent Items folder.


Outlook fails to send the email message and holds it in Outbox folder if one of following conditions is true:

  • ou are working in offline mode while no remote connection is available. Outlook cannot retrieve or send any email message while in offline mode. In such cases, PST typically behaves like a locally stored file.
  • he message has been moved to Outbox folder but you have opened it before it actually could be sent. This occurs because of the fact that doing so changes the status of the email message. After Outlook sets up a connection with the mail server and message is delivered to the desired location, Outbox folder shows the copy of the email message. So, if you open and close this email message placed in Outbox that changes the status of email message and Outlook fails to send it.
  • ou are using incompatible or outdated add-in that might prevent an email message to be sent.
  • ou are trying to send the email message as a reply from an account that no longer exists. If you are trying to reply to an email message that has been originally received through an old account, Outlook will use the same old account. It generally occurs when you have changed mail accounts after receiving the email message and trying to reply to an earlier message.
  • he PAB (Personal Address Book) files or PST file is damaged. Outlook cannot send the email message in such cases.


To make Outlook enable to send all the email messages and to troubleshoot mail stuck problem, you need to follow these measures:

  • ou should change the working mode of Outlook if it is Offline. To do so, go to File menu and click Work Offline option to clear the check box. Next, you should click the Tools menu and opt for the desired Internet Service account from Send/Receive list.
  • he correct technique of sending an email message stuck in Outbox folder is to open the message and click to Send. After doing so, when Outlook gets properly connected to mail server, it delivers the required email message.
  • o disable the incompatible or outdated add-ins, you should go to Tools menu and open the Options dialog box. Next, click Other tab and opt for Advanced Options and then Add-in Manager. It will display the list of all add-ins that are currently activated. In order to deactivate the add-ins, you should clear the corresponding check-boxes and close all the dialog boxes by clicking OK.
  • f you have replied through an old account, you should move the message in question to your Inbox folder and create and send a new email message by copying all the information to it. This time Outlook will send the email using the current account.
  • PST Recovery '

PST Recovery' '

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is a fully-featured PST Recovery product that recover corrupted PST file for Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. This Recover PST application is a comprehensive utility that provides advanced feature-set, safe file repair and self-explanatory interface. The tool is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT. Using the application also allows you to recover lost PST password and split large size PST file.

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